Watsons understands our responsibilities go beyond just being a health and beauty retailer. We are committed to inspiring behavioural change leading to a more sustainable and inclusive world. Everyone’s action will add up to a big and positive impact – let’s make a difference to the world together.

Our Promise**

Recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging


Recycled plastic content in packaging


Virgin plastic reduction


Unnecessary packaging

*Our parent company A.S. Watson Group had its science-based targets validated by the SBTi as in line with a 1.5°C trajectory. As part of the A.S. Watson Group, we will be contributing to the achievement of these targets.​
**2025 target against a 2020 base year​

Every little step counts,
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Let’s go green together

At Watsons, we have a strong sense of responsibility to create a better world through our global operations. We share this vision with our colleagues, our customers and our communities.

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To move towards a more sustainable future, it is our vision to build more greener stores with lower environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.

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