Brand Story

Groundbreaking work, led by Japanese scientist Yoshimi Kurosaki with over 25 years of experience in skincare, demystifies the root cause for multiple skin issues for young skin. aio believes in focusing on what really matters. Featuring the Oxyniacine™ formula, aio SUPER ESSENCE is drenched in tropaeolum majus for boosting  skin  vibrancy, B3  Niacinamide  for  reinforcing  skin  barrier  and  Vitamin  E  that  has nourishing benefits to improve oil-water balance and keep skin healthy. Simple yet powerful, the essence leaves  skin  well-balanced and resilient. With a fully-recyclable packaging, the exclusive matcha-coloured jelly-like  texture  offers  a relaxing smell  of  Kyoto  woods.  The light  non-greasy texture is also suitable for sensitive skin, tested by dermatologists.