Our Greener Stores framework is one of our commitments to inspiring a sustainable culture in the everyday operations of our retail stores.

This global framework is accelerating the transformation of our retail stores into lower-environmental impact operations by reducing carbon emissions, cutting water use and eliminating landfill waste, as well leveraging scale to speed up our global movement towards a more sustainable future.

Optimizing retail operation to make a positive impact

Following the launch of the first Greener Store From AS Watson Group, our parent company, in the UK last October, the first Watsons Greener Store was opened in Singapore, and we will continue the international expansion to Hong Kong and Malaysia this year.

Greener Stores are designed to reduce our environmental footprint throughout their lifecycle. When building a Greener Store, we use more recyclable materials, renewable energy and adopt end-of-life disposal options to reduce our ecological footprint.

Responsible Materials

When building a greener store, we source sustainable materials that are from responsibly managed plantations; We eliminate the use of plastic bags and single-use plastic products.

In Watsons Malaysia, there is a 100% recycled and biodegradable 3D wall panel made from fibrous sugarcane residue. The directional signs are made from recycled yarn and plastic bottles while the ceiling tiles are made from 100% recyclable bio-soluble mineral wool, clay, and starch.

A Culture of Sustainability

Greener Stores aim to inspire a culture of sustainability by increasing everyone's knowledge on environmental topics and taking better actions everyday.

Renewable Energy

Greener Stores support the growth of green energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Responsible Materials

To make a bigger impact together, we encourage and involve more customers in recycling and caring efforts for the community by placing recycle bins, setting up refill stations and more in stores.

Energy Efficiency

Greener Stores are constantly exploring ways that can reduce energy consumption and adopting energy-efficient equipment.

Sustainable Choices

Greener Stores provide a variety of greener products from skincare to personal care in order to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Over 1,600 Sustainable Choices are available for customers to choose both online and offline.

Waste Diversion

Greener Stores strive to reduce waste at different levels from our products to store materials. Banning PVC and unnecessary packaging as well as increasing store equipment recycling at end-of-life are one of our key focus.


Promoting a safe and healthy environment for our people and customers is the foundation of Greeners Stores. We want to create a shopping experience that not only makes you look good, do good, feel great but also helping to build a better world.