Procter & Gamble and A.S. Watson Group Co-create a New Japan Skincare Brand “aio” Redefining Simplicity and Sustainability Exclusively Available at Watsons

Malina Ngai, CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia & Europe) and Group Chief Operating Officer (Right) and Yvette Fan, Vice President & Managing Director Procter & Gamble, Hong Kong (Left) officiate at the launch event of the Japan skincare brand aio

P&G (Procter & Gamble) Group and A.S. Watson Group co-created Japan skincare brand aio

P&G (Procter & Gamble) Group and A.S. Watson Group jointly announced the new launch of a co-created Japan skincare brand aio in the physical and online stores of Watsons in the Greater China markets.

Co-creating Simplicity and Sustainability

More and more customers are looking for an aesthetic life with simplicity. Equally for skin care, the busiest, most savvy customers are not only looking for simple yet effective solution to tackle breakouts and imperfections, but also taking sustainability as a core consideration, from product packaging to the selection of ingredients. With deep understanding of customers’ needs, both companies shared their expertise and experience to co-create the new Japan skincare brand aio.

Markus Strobel, Global President, P&G Skin & Personal Care, said, “This is a P&G BEAUTY first breakthrough collaboration with a retail partner to co-create a new skincare brand from scratch. We are delighted to team up with A.S. Watson to learn together and co-design the aio proposition for the Derm and Wellness needs of the customers. This is the future of retailing and skin care”. Markus shared, “aio aimed to attract Gen Z & Millennials and have a larger proportion of sales from online channels. We are very excited to bring this brand now to Hong Kong and Taiwan Market.” Markus said “ aio is designed with first-ever fully recyclable packaging which is very meaningful for P&G’s responsible beauty and sustainability goals.”

Malina Ngai, CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia & Europe) and Group Chief Operating Officer is very excited about the co-created brand aio, “Starting from figuring out the customers’ needs, to product design and brand building, aio is the result of close collaboration between A.S. Watson Group and P&G. Our seamless O+O (Offline plus Online) platforms and sophisticated customer insights will help aio to open new markets. Sustainability is our top priority and we are happy to see aio’s packaging is fully recyclable, making it eligible to be listed as Clean Beauty product under Watsons Sustainable Choices. With its philosophy of ‘simple sophisticated’, I truly believe aio will be loved by customers with its unique proposition, refreshing design and great product performance.”

Stability and Harmony: Healing Skin and Mind

Featuring the Oxyniacine™ formula, aio SUPER ESSENCE is drenched in tropaeolum majus for boosting skin vibrancy, B3 Niacinamide for reinforcing skin barrier and Vitamin E that has nourishing benefits to improve oil-water balance and keep skin healthy. Simple yet powerful, the essence leaves skin well-balanced and resilient. With a “Neo-Mint” packaging, the exclusive matcha-colored jelly-like texture offers a relaxing smell of Kyoto woods. The light non-greasy texture is also suitable for sensitive skin, tested by dermatologists.

After experiencing aio SUPER ESSENCE, 84% users agree the essence can help skin maintain hydrated and reduce overproduction of sebum; 90% think skin looks radiant and youthful with minimized pores; and 81% say it stabilizes skin to reduce redness, acne and pimples. Start your simple sophisticated journey with the powerful aio SUPER ESSENCE today.